Kid Cudi (@KidCudi) | “Mr. Rager” |

Kid Cudi isn’t simply a “rapper”, he is an artist across all genres. I typically say that if hip hop isn’t someone’s typical genre but they want to become a hip hop fan or at least take a listen to the genre, I always suggest Cudi because his music is so diverse that a fan of rock, pop, or even jazz would enjoy. As most great artist’s, Cudder’s music and videos are far more complicated than they first appear. At first, the title Mr. Rager may seem as if the song is only about partying or “raging”. With raging, typically drugs and alcohol come into the picture, but with Cudi, this isn’t your typical drug ballad. Mr. Rager is a song about overdosing. With overdosing he is on an adventure to reach Heaven, as in, commit unintentional suicide. Cudi has called himself “The Lord of the Sad & Lonely” and he proves it in the intro “This here is dedicated to all of the kids like me. I’m on my way to Heaven (Wherever you are, now.)” There is a possibility that “Mr. Rager” is the alter ego of The Lord of the Sad & Lonely. Mr. Rager is the extrovert of Cudi, while the other is a complete introvert. There is symbolism of Cudder fighting hundreds of men and one woman. The men, may symbolise the “haters”, doubters of his music, his enemies of his youth, and the multitude of drugs he has consumed and now fights due to addiction. The one woman may symbolise his first love or in other words heart break. It is ironic that the woman throws dirt in his face (eyes) after he has been beaten down. Typically, men run to the opposite sex for comfort when they are stressed. Not to sound cliche, but a woman is generally viewed as “the better half”. As the woman (his first love) approaches, she doesn’t heal anything, she only makes things worse for Cudi. This song takes place in an unconscious mind during a therapy session. My deciphering of this song could last a millenium. 

My Personal Favorite Bar(s):

Kid Cudi:
"Yeah! Mr.Rager, Mr.Rager

Tell me where you’re going, tell me where you’re headed

I’m off on the adventure, Mr. Rager

Tell me some of your stories, tell us of your travels

Mr. Rager-er-er-er-er

Tell me where you’re going, tell us where you’re headed

I’m on my way to heaven, Mr. Rager

Can we tag along? Can we take that journey?

Can we take that journey?

I’m off on the adventure”.

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OnCue (@OnCue) | “So Much Love” | Prod. By: Hudson Mohawke (@HudMo) & Just Blaze (@JustBlaze) | Directed By: Hunter Lyon (@HunterLyon)

Got damn, when Brenton Duvall tweeted “SO MUCH LOVE video is a fucking movie!!!!!” I grew excited to watch the video, but after watching the video my brain absolutely exploded. This is precisely why I swim with OnCue. The dude is a genius & the people that he works with are on the exact same brain waves as Cuey. All around a fantastic job on every lyric, beat, & visual off of every single put out so far. Y’all have exactly one mother fucking week until the brilliance of “Angry Young Man” drops. I’d discuss more about the video, but quite honestly, this shit is a film. I only want y’all to see it first hand. Pull up a chair, connect your computer to your t.v., grab a bag of popcorn, grab a large soda, and enjoy the fuck out of this music video. After watching it once, make sure to click the reload button eighteen times. I’m such a proud fan of Cuey.

My Personal Favorite Bar(s):

"All nighters, I’ve had countless. Matter of fact - still in yesterdays outfit. Instead of helping us find an outlet Teachers say we slouches, bitch and moan about it. It’s apparent, more drugs and liquor. Meet the parents, more Jigga than Ben Stiller. Fuck it, turn up another level. When she go down, she ducking devils. Every time that I walk through the front door I always get two tickets to the gun show. Instead of menthols, wish they give me pencils. Cause I thought by now I’d have a Benzo. Wear a mask to school, hide my face like I’m MF Doom. Lie to my friends, can’t face the truth, Give me any drug I’m a damn vacuum".

- James Avels

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Trizz (@Tr1zz) | “Twisted Metal” | Prod. by: AC3 Beats (@AC3Beats) | Filmed By: Garrett Labrie & Daniel Ochoa (@MSCNDC)

On Saturday, April 23rd, 2014 Trizz was in my personal opinion, one of the DOPEST acts to grace the stage of The Glasshouse in Pomona for the fourth annual D.I.Y. Festival. Do not get me wrong, every single act was unbelieveable, but Trizz put his heart & soul into his performance. He didn’t only grace the stage, this young talent hopped over the crowd barricade and performed WITH the crowd. Not many artists dare to reach out of their comfort zone, but Trizz succeeded by giving the crowd a fantastic show. You’ll definitely enjoy this visual of “Twisted Metal”.

My Personal Favorite Bar(s):

" My big homie is a motherfuckin’ cannibal,
similar to Hannibal,
aka Mannibal.
My other homie is a Kansas City maniac,
who ever shoot at me better know who the fuck they aimin’ at.
Let’s ride bitch,
slide by the west side,
for ever on the left side,
know as the best side.
This where they shot Big, LA is where the best die”.

- James

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Rare Pterodactyl scream captured last night at the Glass House in Pomona

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Kendrick Lamar (@KendrickLamar) | “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” | Produced by: Sounwave (@SounwaveTDE) 

Kendrick Lamar is the King of Rap. A mainstream artist with an Underground mission.

My Personal Favorite Bar(s):

Kendrick Lamar:
"Look inside of my soul and you can find gold and maybe get rich

Look inside of your soul and you can find out it never exist

I can feel the changes, I can feel a new life

I always knew life can be dangerous

I can say that I like a challenge and you tell me it’s painless

You don’t know what pain is

How can I paint this picture when the color blind is hanging with you”.

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Sweezy Mac (@deaf_sweez) | “Sweez 100 - Rap Game 0” 

My Personal Favorite Bar(s):
Sweezy Mac:

"D2A will never detox.
I’m still in my Adidas cuz I don’t fuck with Reebok…

You don’t need to tell me if you feel us,
cuz real recognize real and that’s forreal bruh”.

- James

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Andre Balboa (@AndreBalboa) | “Dirty Water” | Produced by: Tone Jonez (@OfficialTJonez)

Very dope song. The battle between wanting to be Sinless & Sinful is neverending.

My Personal Favorite Bar(s):

Andre Balboa:
Had this prayer rag now for a little over 2 weeks

Guess my prayers ain’t strong or I’m using it wrong cuz it ain’t working for me
Man this ain’t right, I ain’t seen no change, my life is still the same
Prayed for my grandpa’s health, but he’s still sitting in pain
It’s probably my fault, if only I could stop drinking
Then god could probably hear me and switch up his thinking
That’s what I’ll do, cuz I know my life is ugly
Let me get all my sins cleaned up and maybe then god will love me”.
- James
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Logic (@Logic301) | “Numbers” | Produced by: 6ix (@6ixVMG)

Logic is hands down one of the most exciting artists rising right now. Whether an a cappella, a banger, or a sampled beat, Logic will murder it effortlessly. This beat that 6ix gracefully put together is sampled from Paramore’s “Decode”. Phenomenal job on the lyrics & production by Logic & 6ix.

My Personal Favorite Bar(s):

"The things that I say (Say)

The places I’m seeing (Seeing)

The people I talk to you don’t know what I mean

Even matters of love, it ain’t always as it seems

Yeah there’s plenty in the sea until you hit the mainstream

The girl that I love, the one I call my honey

Now I wonder if she love me for me or my fucking money

Sometimes I think about the love that I had in the past

I truly miss it but it just wasn’t destined to last

Cause our separation lit a fire under my ass

And now I’m gunning for the throne yeah that is my task

Just a youngin’ with a dream, that acquired a team

Motivated by bad bitches and rockin’ supreme

Now the whole world wonders what’s his next move

That all depends on what I feel that I need to improve

Tell me what you think of me I swear it doesn’t matter

Just as long as I am happy and my pocket’s getting fatter

Just watch me shatter the competition

Getting madder then all of them wishing

You couldn’t done it like I done it bitch I run it, Ah!”

- James

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Joey Bada$$ (@joeyBADASS_) | “Hardknock” | Ft. CJ Fly (@FLYestintheeERA)

Huge shout out for Joey Bada$$ hopping on the bridge of Ab-Soul’s “Tree of Life” track produced by Curtiss King. Joey Bada$$ & the rest of Pro Era are well on their way to very top. It is insane how far they have come within the past three years. 

My Personal Favorite Bar(s): 

Joey Bada$$:

"Just got word from my mans on the island, he said he needed guidance. Niggas on the streets is wilin’, he look to God but can’t find him. So he demand silence from the glaring sirens. The sympathy symphony, only thing playing is the banned violence".

"Smoking on the Clematis, get open like a present is. Now your presence is on the premises for them presidents. My city be the genesis for where they think the terror is. They linking terrorists from the Stuy to Lincoln Terraces. Stay on that reckless shit, they leave you left for the dead. Kids don’t play they’ll erase your head in a race for the bread".

CJ Fly:
"Got a collect call from up top. My cousin called me and what not. The motto never changed it’s still fuck cops. We went from having lunch in our lunchbox. Our lungs was hot whenever we’d puff pot. We’d touch blocks and end up having to duck shots. But fuck dot, ain’t trying live that life no more. My mind corrupted but my heart is still pure".

R.I.P. Capital Steez

- James

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Lreal (Neo90s) | “Dreams”

This song is called “Dreams” by the UK rap artist Lreal. The song/visuals portray the thin line between reality and what appears to be allusive dreams, it tells the story of a fallen society where virtual reality seems dominant. In this Lreal uses witty punchlines/metaphors with a laid back, constant flow, accompanied with a catchy hook that displays the ideology that there is no difference between “Dreams” & “Reality” meaning no limits to what can be achieved.

- James

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Johnny Polygon (@JohnnyPolygon) | “Limosexsuperstar” 

Shout out to the homie Stephen (@tothewesttt) for introducing me to the incredible talent from Oklahoma, Johnny Polygon.

My Personal Favorite Bar(s):

Johnny Polygon:
"Oh - I remember you, you tried to kill me. I knew it all along. But sometimes self destruction thrills me. It helps me fill the void. Murder, kills, destroys. The monotony and possibly the girls I’ve annoyed. BITCH - picture me giving a shit. Nope, not ever. Way too clever. White people love Dead Prez forever, shit’s hilarious. Prettiest girls are the scariest. To emotionally get next to. Trust me dude you don’t wanna do it. Ew, shits so gross can’t chew it. *pyoon* on to the next one. She could be the best one. She could be the last one".

Funny thing is, I’m white & I do love Dead Prez. Shouts to Dead Prez & Johnny Polygon.

- James

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Curt Sharp (@curtsharp23) | “Just Being Honest” | Prod. By: MaddMoney 

Curt Sharp fights between his conscience & realization in this dope visual of his song “Just Being Honest”.

- James

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D’zyl 5K1 (@Dzyl5k1) | “Papers” | Video Directed by Art Barz (@ArtBarz)

Uproar Nation’s own D’zyl 5k1 (pronounced Diesel 5001) is a workholic with a body of work to show for it. His new,
double cd, entitled, “The Sauce”-Released in April 2014, is irrefutable proof that he is here to contribute his ideals on
a grand scale. He believes that your only limitation is your imagination, or lack thereof. This latest release of his, 
consists of one disk being his personal album, and the other disk-a collaboration album comprised of songs that 
he has been working on with others since his last album, 2012’s “Not Your Average Bear”. They are to be viewed as 
two seperate cds, but part of the same body of work, for he created them simulataneously…all the while putting 
out an ep, “D’zyl Prime”, and a group cd, “MAximum Capacity”-both in 2013.  His second single, “Papers,” Is an inspirational
declaration of ownership, empowerment, and self acceptance. Directed by Art Barz. This San Bernardino, Ca artist is striving to provide you 
with music and visuals that are not only out of the ordinary…but stimulating and entertaining. Enjoy!  PS-If you 
do post it on your site, please send a link so that our team may help cross promote as well. we wish to broaden our 
horizons and reach and help you do so as well.

Mannnn Uproar Nation is forever killing it. The homie Art Barz really killed this video too. Salute.

- James

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