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DIY 2 by Curtiss King

DIY 2 by Curtiss King

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Curtiss King's "DIY2" EP, a powerful showcase of his growth as an artist and his dominance in the independent music scene. This EP encapsulates his journey, blending sharp lyrics with impactful beats. Celebrated for topping the iTunes Hip Hop charts and inspiring DIY artists, "DIY2" is an essential for fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Available in CD, Vinyl, and Digital Album formats, choose your preferred way to enjoy this pivotal work in Curtiss King's career.

Shipping Times:

  • CDS: 1-2 weeks
  • Vinyls: 1-2 weeks

DIY2 Tracklist:

  1. "Rufio" ft. Jaszy Shavers

    • Additional Keys: Aaron Barber
    • Guitar: Lazy Eye Muzik
  2. "Find Your Way"

    • Additional Keys: Nabeyin
  3. "Skin Care"

  4. "The Wave" ft. Jaszly Shavers

  5. "Pain Into Gold" ft. Noa James

  6. "It's Happening" ft. CJ Westley

    • Guitar: Lazy Eye Muzik
  7. "Bigger Plans" ft. Christine Ariya

    • Additional Keys: Aaron Barber
  8. "Not a Sponsored Post" ft. Simon Servida

  9. "On My Own" ft. Jay Kasai

    • Additional Keys: Nabeyin
  10. "To The Fullest"

    • Bass Guitar: Lazy Eye Muzik

Music Produced By: Curtiss King
Executive Produced By: Jay Kasai
Mixed By: Oh Gosh Leotus

Artwork By: Curtiss King
Concept By: Anthony Brito

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