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DIYer Black Card [Usb Business Card]

DIYer Black Card [Usb Business Card]

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Introducing the DIYER Black Card – your exclusive all-access pass to Curtiss King's creative universe. This isn't just a USB business card; it's a treasure trove of Curtiss King's full discography, impactful documentaries, an insightful audiobook, and an abundance of unreleased beats and songs.

What's Included?

  • Complete Discography: Delve into Curtiss King's entire body of work including the renowned "Storm’s Symphony", the energizing "DIY 1 & 2 (EP)", and the introspective "Slumbeautiful", among others.
  • Audiobook: Get inspired on the go with "The Prosperous Hip Hop Producer" - Curtiss King's journey and advice wrapped up in an engaging listen.
  • Documentaries: Take a behind-the-scenes look into Curtiss's life with "Kings & Queens" and "Comeback King" - stories of perseverance and triumph.
  • Unreleased Material: Plus, over 140 unreleased beats and songs, offering a window into the raw, unfiltered creative process of Curtiss King.

Crafted for the ultimate fan, the DIYER Black Card holds 4GB of media, ensuring you carry a piece of music history and future in your pocket. With a 'Pay What You Want' model starting at $50, it's more than a product; it's an investment in art, knowledge, and the independent music journey.

Get your hands on this limited edition Black Card and own a piece of the Curtiss King legacy. Available exclusively at DIYER Merch - because the revolution will not be streamed; it will be carried with you.

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