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Extended Warranty by Curtiss King

Extended Warranty by Curtiss King

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"Extended Warranty" is the latest testament from Curtiss King, a tapestry of soulful Hip Hop and R&B threaded with resilience. This album mirrors a journey of rebirth and undying hustle, a soundtrack that meets Curtiss King fresh from a 9 year music detour into content creation on YouTube. This album is for the dreamers, the believers, and everyone in between who knows what it means to build something from nothing.

At 39, Curtiss isn't doing more than just rapping for the sake of rapping; he's dropping jewels of wisdom on navigating life's detours, embracing family, and truly owning your art. With standout songs like "I Told My Wife" ft. SWEATA and "SONshine ft. Eugene O'Neil," each track provides top tier production (Oh Gosh Leotus, Nabeyin, JAMINI, Young Beanz, & Curtiss King) and reverberates the heart of independence with features from Trizz, FLAWD, Cam Archer, Bee Honey, SWEATA, & Eugene O'Neil.

This isn't just music; it's a movement. For the DIYers, the independent spirits, and those who awaken to the beat of authenticity — "Extended Warranty" is your anthem. It's the sound of legacy, the pulse of triumph, and a beacon of excellence in an era that too often settles for less.

Welcome back Curtiss King as he chooses to boldly Extend the Warranty on his rap career. pivotal

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Extended Warranty Tracklist:

  1. 1. Extended Warranty ft. Bee Honey (Prod by Oh Gosh Leotus)
    2. I Told My Wife ft. SWEATA (prod by Nabeyin)
    3. Really Indie ft. Trizz (prod by Jamini)
    4. Playing Business (Prod by Young Beanz)
    5. AnyDay (prod by Nabeyin)
    6. Acting Unusual (ft. FLAWD) (prod by Curtiss King)
    7. Rest ft. Noa James (prod by Curtiss King)
    8. Think About It (prod by Curtiss King)
    9. SONshine ft. Eugene O'Neil (prod by Jamini)
    10. Peace ft. Eugene O'Neil (prod by Curtiss King)

Executive Produced By: Nabeyin Panford & Curtiss King
Mixed By: Curtiss King

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